Horizontally, not vertically connecting

brainpeptide      target behavior                                 hormones/peptides              
opiates, alcohol reproduction, bonding sex, friendship

serotonin, estrogen

cocaine response to threat fight

HPA-axis hormones,


amphetamines response to threat flight (?)
nicotine energy eat leptin
benzodiazepines storage, organisation,growth sleep melatonin

Additive and summarary schemes

Often pictures and diagrams do explain more than words. There are many pictures of the brain on the internet. Therefore here are given only a few schemes that are directly related to the content of the brain-pages of this website. The above diagram ‘ horizontally, not vertically connecting ' focuses on the connections between elements, which most of the times are studied in separate disciplines independently of each other. Well-known areas like: behavior, cognition, physiology (hormones) are shown in the above diagram in the vertical blocks. On brnsoc. the accent is put on the horizontal connections. Long strings are necessary to show the layers between body and mind.


Generalised circuits